The New Hampshire Clean Government Convention

Launching the Nation’s First True Left-Right Alliance to Cleanup Washington and Defeat Political Corruption at Every Level of American Government.

Where: The Capitol Center for the Arts
When: January 8-10, 2016
Why: To Rebuild Democracy / Save the Republic

Everybody knows that the American political system is corrupt. But progressives and conservatives are too busy attacking each other to do anything constructive about it. The special interests and the partisans who love power more than they love their country have us right where they want us: at each other’s throats.

Yes, principled progressives and principled conservatives are never going to agree on the proper role and size of government. But we do agree that principles - and not interests - should drive public policy. We should not let the Washington establishment play us against each other when it comes to cleaning up our corrupt political system. We must unite in a provisional alliance to rebuild our democracy / save our republic.

Ultimately we will need a Clean Government Amendment to the US Constitution that encompasses the reforms that both progressives and conservatives care about most. In fact, we largely agree on the objectives. Americans of all political persuasions demand legislation uncorrupted by special interests, citizen government and fair elections. Only by working together will we discover the power to succeed.

Two weeks before the New Hampshire primary, amid swarming media and politicians aspiring to hold the most powerful position in the world, we will make our first stand, together, to restore government of, by and for the people.

Please plan on being there.

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