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An Alliance of the Left, Right and Center

 We are the vast majority of American citizens, from all across the political spectrum, who understand that our political system has become corrupted. 

Consider the following finding from Pew Research:

"When asked about a series of criticisms of elected officials in Washington – that they care only about their careers, are influenced by special interests, are unwilling to compromise, and are profligate and out-of-touch – large majorities (no fewer than 76%) agree with each of the statements."    -  March of 2010, the Pew Center for the People and the Press

We believe there are several root causes of our political system's dysfunction. 

First, Members of Congress are more concerned with their next re-election rather than the next generation.  They are too focused on themselves and their political careers rather than the good of the country.

Second, Members of Congress take campaign donations from the same interests they regulate, in a corrupt system closely resembling bribery and extortion.  Practically every piece of legislation passed - and not passed - in the US Congress is hopelessly tainted by special interests.

Third, the political establishment has created a an election system that overwhelmingly favors incumbents.  Congressional elections are fundamentally unfair.  Democrats and Republicans in Washington protect their own interests at the expense of our democracy. 

It's not always Right v. Left.  Not on every issue.

Sometimes its Insiders v. Outsiders.  Sometimes it's simply right versus wrong.

There's no need to kid ourselves.  Grassroots activist on the Right and Left will always disagree intensely on most things.  But that disagreement should not keep us from acting in our common interests or upon our common beliefs. 

Those of us on the outside must work together to fix our broken democracy because Republican and Democrat establishment insiders stand together to protect their own privileges at the expense of the public good.  In the 1990s the Republican establishment betrayed conservatives by rigging term limits to fail, even though term limits were part of their Contract  with America.  Similarly, in the last Democratic Congress, the leadership promised to support the Fair Elections Now Act, but it was never even brought to a vote.  Both parties gerrymander every chance they get. 

The Republican and Democratic political establishments will never give up their privileges unless we the people force them to.  Grassroots progressives can't do it alone.  Tea Party conservatives can't do it alone.  We must stand together . 

The good news is that - when it comes to election reform - the Right and Left  are not very far apart.

Congressional Limits are the favorite reform of conservative activists.  But over 60% of all Democrats consistently support congressional term limits.

A Clean Elections System is the reform priority of progressive activists.  But at  least 50% of Republican voters also support clean election laws. 

Virtually everyone outside of the political establishment favors an end to gerrymandering.

Packaging these three reforms together represents a powerful combination politically.  Each side gets the reform most favored by its activists, but there is also plenty of support from all ideologies underneath each of the three reforms. 

More importantly, Congressional Term Limits, A Clean Elections System and a Ban on Gerrymandering together constitute a comprehensive election reform solution.  The three reforms together will form a layered defense against the corruption of our democracy.    

A Call to Action

Democracy, and our cherished American republic, is endangered as much today as any time in our history.   But the real threat does not come from terrorists or a foreign power.  It's not a person, or a party, or even an ideology (an ideology or a party can be voted out of office, but most incumbents can't).  Rather, an insidious disease - a cancerous combination of political and economic self-interests - devours the wise political system created by the Founding Fathers.  The cancer must be rooted out and destroyed, and we must do it together.  Please do not leave this web site without signing up, "liking us" on Facebook, sending out a Tweet, or making a financial contribution.  Together we will Rebuild American Democracy.

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